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Filmmaker & Visual Storyteller

I am a documentary editor and cinematographer born and raised in Italy, now living in New York.

I grew up in a small town surrounded by grotesque and conservative people wearing costumes parading in Carnevale. I am 26 years old when I get my Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Pisa. While science’s all about finding one valid answer, my focus lies in researching questions: cinema will display the kaleidoscopic answers. 
I am awarded a two-years in a row merit-based scholarship to attend the Baltic Film Media and Arts School in Tallinn, Estonia - where I will be graduating in 2021 with a Master of Arts in Documentary Film.
I am awarded a scholarship from European Union to participate in a six months filmmaking traineeship in a production company that works with performing arts in Florence.

My willingness to challenge convention has landed me a nine-month fellowship and artistic residency at Union Docs - Center for Documentary Art in New York.

My work blends poetic documentary, self-reflecting cinema with an essayistic approach. Coming from a background in social justice films, my way of filmmaking brings together unique storytelling devices, movement, non-verbal communication, and attentiveness to psychology - to provide imaginative and thought-provoking stories. 
Through my work, I aim to give voice to stories and characters that have been underrepresented, while simultaneously sharing a part of myself with you; in hopes that we might all share a small facet of this human experience.

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