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Left Unsaid

Director, Cinematographer

The filmmaker decides to address questions about his childhood to his emotionally distant father, while some questions will be asked, others will be just left unsaid.

Drama International Short Film Festival, 2021 - Cinematherapy program

Mediterranean Cannes Film Festival, 2021 - Honorable Mention

Roma Independent Prisma Awards, 2021 - Semi-Finalist

Mosaic World Film Festival, 2021

Das Film Fest, 2021

Eternal Materials_poster.jpg

Eternal Materials

Director, Editor

Famous fashion brands and big corporations buy their corporate gifts from Ruth, the owner of the family kaleidoscope firm who after work hits the streets and actively partakes in antiglobalization and climate change demonstrations.

Festival Del Cinema di Cefalù, 2021

International Documentary Film Festival, 2021

Terni Film Festival, 2020




The film takes the viewer on a journey back in time to when Patarei was still a sea fortress. In the 20th century, the building was used as a prison, where totalitarian regimes imprisoned thousands of innocent people. The documentary focuses on the background and hardships of prisoners of conscience, who were confined by the walls of the sea fortress.
The film poses the question – if these walls could talk, then what would they say? The narrator is a fictional convict who has been “forgotten” to the prison for an entire century. His story is based on the accounts of real people.


Donne al centro

Director, Editor

An intimate portrait of three women living in a Center that made them experience a sense of togetherness while helping them to reconnect with themselves, nature and, past traumas.

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